Thank you for considering donating to Fanari Academy!

Your contribution – no matter how small or large – can go a long way in supporting independent, quality, modern Greek educational programs.  

Did you know that you may be able to double (or triple) your contribution via your Employer and the Benevity platform?

For every $1 you donate through Benevity Fanari will receive $2 or sometimes $3 (depending on the company)!

Find more information about Fanari Academy on Benevity using the Unique Identifier 205192267.
You may search for Fanari Academy on Benevity by visiting Benevity–/

Talk to your company’s Benefits group about how to match your contribution, or you can usually find your company’s Benevity Platform using the following format:


Here are a few examples for reference:

  1. APPLE
  3. AT&T