Why Fanari?

Fanari Academy is a thriving educational community that strives to be a beacon of quality education in Greek language, culture, and history for all ages. 

Esteemed & Passionate Educators
Certified by Hellenic Ministry of Education
In-person, Team-based & Experiential Learning
Drawing in a circle.
Fanari Greek School classroom setup.
Artwork on the wall from Fanari students.
Artwork from Fanari students laying on the grass.

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    Greek Film Festival In San Fransisco 2024

    San Francisco Greek Film Festival

    Πάμε Σινεμά – Ελληνικό Φεστιβάλ Φιλμ! Fanari Academy is enthusiastically sponsoring and attending the San Francisco Greek Film Festival! The Fanari Academy team of...

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    Birds drawing in a circle.